Bitfinex longs chart


Various statistics on Bitfinex. Bitfinex is the largest and most advanced cryptocurrencies exchange.

Anbat GBPUSD 15, 7 minutes ago. why GU will go up soon my 45 degree line says never is wrong. lol. Chart Snapshot. Just thought I'd let you know that I love Bitcoin Bitfinex, Longs Vs Shorts your Currency Strength Bitcoin Bitfinex, Longs Vs Shorts Meter. It really helps me decide which trades to take, as I can now pair a strong currency with a weaker one. And it's so simple to use.

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The fees charged upon depositing collateral to Bitfinex Borrow and upon receiving a return of collateral from Bitfinex Borrow are an amount equal to the “maker fees” that would be applicable to you if the loan transaction were an order on the exchange (either to sell the collateral for the borrowed funds on loan creation, or to sell the borrowed funds for the collateral in order to receive It is interesting to look at the BITFINEX:BTCUSDLONGS and BITFINEX:BTCUSDSHORTS on this down move. The significant drop in leveraged long positions suggests that this is a profit taking move. Those that were in leveraged long positions are losing faith in a new ATH any time soon. They are getting bored.

Long Position (BTC) n/a. Short Position (BTC) n/a. Long/Total Percentage (%) n/a. ViewBase. Timeframe. 1m. 5m. 15m. 30m.

Cardano Liquidations on Bitfinex are measured in ADA. For Bitcoin and Ethereum the charts include liquidation data from both spot AND futures exchanges. This chart shows the volume liquidated each day for the past two weeks (timeframe is fixed). Short liquidations are green, and long liquidations are red. Zcash Liquidations on Bitfinex are measured in ZEC. For Bitcoin and Ethereum the charts include liquidation data from both spot AND futures exchanges.

Since the last BTC Short Squeeze on Bitmex maintenance I decided to made a Indicator plotting Long:Short ratio, and their respective graphs. Green = Longs Red = Shorts Black = Ratio (Longs:Shorts)*Close <= Close price just for chart normalization! I hope you find it useful. NOTE: It isn't a prospective indicator, but try to find out who's bitching the market and when ;p

Bitfinex longs chart

39.11 %. Kraken. 18.27 %. 81.73 %.

The shorts, on the other hand, are near all-time lows at around 6000 bitcoins. IOTA longs steadily increasing despite increase in price. Bitfinex chart below, explore other altcoins and their current short/long interest you won't see anything this beautiful. A lot of money is pushing IOTA up + we're seeing support with every increase.

Bitfinex longs chart

Charts also include Bitmex liquidations and health scores for both longs and shorts. xrp usd longs is a bull flag setup on 45min chart. bulls are preparing for the new offensive. see chart mark up for the details. trade safely, and let's get some gains!

Sign In Ticker Trading Ideas Educational Ideas Scripts People. Profile Profile Settings Account and Billing Referred friends Coins My Support Tickets Help Center Ideas Published Followers Following Dark color theme Sign Out Sign in Upgrade Upgrade now 30-day Free Trial Start free trial Upgrade plan Pay nothing extra Upgrade early 24 Hours BitMex, Binance, BitFinex, Okex, FTX Liquidation Data and Chart. Live Liquidation feed of XBTUSD, BTCUSD. BTC Longs vs Shorts Historical Detailed Report. Will Ethereum (ETH) price continue to rise? Ethereum (ETH) longs on Bitfinex have increased their positions over the last year, surging by 90% in 2020 Ethereum longs on Bitfinex have increased their positions by 90% since the start of the year, data shared by Quantum Economics Founder, Mati Greenspan, shows.

BITFINEX BTCUSDSHORTS chart by TradingView. BITFINEX ETHUSDLONGS chart May 13, 2020 · He noted that the number of ETH long positions on Bitfinex just hit a new all-time high, rocketing to 1,619,876 contracts. This 1,619,876 number is over triple what the count of long positions was at the start of 2020, and more than nine times the number of long positions seen at the peak of the 2018 parabolic bull market. The notional value of Ethereum longs has reached a new high as well, Olszewicz observed, with the metric reaching a total sum of $308 million. Assuming no leverage, that means that the value of approximately 1.4% of all ETH is being longed on Bitfinex. Analysts Say Ethereum’s Chart Looks Bearish BTC/USD Bitfinex Streaming Chart Access our free live streaming BTC USD Bitfinex chart.

Displays BitFinex longs and shorts on your chart in the same was as if you add them by using TradingView's "compare" function - major advantage is that this works for all pairs that BitFinex supports without having to manually set up your chart each time. Oct 03, 2019 · Following the introduction of the Bitfinex Liquidation Feed in July, this latest update offers our clients with precise and timely liquidation updates. These charts will provide traders with a Image courtesy of Cactus. Chart via TradingView Notional ETH long count on Bitfinex rockets to $510 million.

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xrp usd longs is a bull flag setup on 45min chart. bulls are preparing for the new offensive. see chart mark up for the details.